• Me: PMMM had smushed my feelings into a paste of despair, baked it into cookies then fed those said despair cookies to orphans. Who have bad headcolds.
  • Sis: Why aren't you a writer?

PMMM is literally tearing me apart.

And I’m only up to episode five.


Anxiety is like perpetually hearing the boss/enemy music but never seeing the threat.

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A list of stuff I like: ELO's Time album, Goldie Hawn films, the game Yume Nikki, Of Montreal, zines, everything Chris Morris has ever done, puppetry, delicious veggie food, Pokemon, garish and kitchy prints, riding crops, Judge Judy snarking at people, hikkimori bedrooms, tonkatsu sauce, American Dad, writing smut, embroidery and any clothing with cats on.

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